All of your moves are customizable in some way; you can cast

The selling point for the game is the amount of customization involved in getting yourself ready for combat. All of your moves are customizable in some way; you can cast spells and use fighting moves from hit points instead of Sap or Stamina, if you want. And the crafting system involves harvesting any of 5 different grades of material, with a quality rating of anywhere from 1 to 250, of any type from seeds to jewels to bark (and there are several different kinds of each) but no metal, and crafting them into jewelry, weapons, armor, and guns. Yes, you can make automatic rocket launchers from the bones of your enemies and sap you dig out of the ground. Mix in some surprisingly detailed herd AI for realism, an entirely player run economy, and an almost universally friendly community, and you’ve got a really good game.

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