In the latest interview with TipTV Finance, sales trader Robert Kaars Sijpesteijn talked about ayondo’s exciting new commission model for Top Traders, as well as the best Top Traders from 2016, so far.

As summer draws to a close, the trading world is slowly starting to pick up with activity again. Volatility had gone right down in both the equity, and the currency markets, but now as volatility is starting to make an appearance again, there are lots more trading opportunities. Especially when trading with leverage, movement on the markets can make exciting opportunities – although this is a double-edged sword it is important to remember.

For Top Traders, these new opportunities come hand in hand with an exciting new commission model from ayondo. As always, Top Traders get rebated on a monthly basis. Now, however, Top Traders will get a percentage of the gross income on the spread earned by the Follower’s trade. For every Follower that follows your trading signals, you will have more spread. Virtual Money Traders’ rebates have been halved, and this allows for Real Money Traders to have increased pay. For Virtual Money Traders, the option of upgrading to Real Money Trader status is always possible and means that they have the opportunity to prove their strategies with their own capital.

The new commission is as follows:

Commission % of the gross income on the spread earned on the Follower’s trade:


Top Trader Career Level Real Money Trader Virtual Money Trader
Street Trader 2% 1%
Advanced 4% 2%
Professional 6% 3%
Risk-Adjusted 9% 4.5%
Institutional 12% 6%

Top Traders, however, have a great deal of other successful traders to compete with if they want to succeed on the Social Trading platform. One such trader is SyConNET, who has a performance of 59.45% (year-to-date, as of 16/09/16 11:26). At this point, his maximum drawdown is only 9.95%, which is low. Accordingly, his Trader Risk Score, which categorises traders according to their risk, is only 1, on a scale of 1-10. In other ways, his risk management also seems logical: he goes both short and long, and diversifies his portfolio in a variety of markets such as silver, the EU50, and Wall Street.

To find out more about our commission model, click here.

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