ayondo’s Social Trading Championship has begun. Following the success of the German competition, ayondo has now opened up the competition to an international audience. Participants will be able to compete with traders from around the globe.

The premise is simple. Become a Top Trader with ayondo on www.next-trading-star.com, and trade your way through the Trading Career. This is a journey of five levels and each successful level completion means an exciting prize is yours.

In addition, participants will also have their trades displayed on the ayondo Social Trading platform, WeTrade, and will, therefore, be able to attract Followers and earn additional commission  through them.

Both Virtual Money Traders and Real Money Traders can participate, but only Real Money Traders can claim the prizes, which include a special trading book by Jack D. Schwager and access to the stock market analysis tool Sentiment Trader.

If you reach the highest career level, the Institutional level, you and all of the Real Money Traders who have reached this level will equally share a grand prize pool of up to $250,000.*

The ayondo Social Trading Championship is an exciting opportunity for all traders who are willing to prove their trading skill and risk management.

Don’t miss out! Find out more about it on our website: www.next-trading-star.com.

Register now, and start your career as an ayondo Top Trader.


The views and content expressed above are the views of the author and do not reflect the views of ayondo markets. This service is for information only and should not be interpreted as investment advice or any recommendation to enter into a financial transaction.

*The grand prize pool amount is determined by the number of participants in the ayondo Social Trading Championship. Therefore, the following grading applies:

0-99 participants: $25,000
100-499 participants: $50,000
500-999 participants: $150,000
Over 1,000 participants: $250,000

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