Whether you are a newcomer to the financial markets or a seasoned trader, David Jones is teaming up with ayondo to provide a brand new webinar series that you can’t miss.

David Jones has been working in the trading and in particular spread betting business since 2005, and is well known in the world of finance for regularly appearing in the media, and providing commentary and market insights. He hosts seminars, writes a regular column for Shares Magazine, and has also appeared as markets presenter on BBC Radio 5’s “Wake up to the money.”

The well-known market commentator will be producing webinars that focus on both the financial markets in general and the new, exciting concept of Social Trading. Join him for 30 minutes of interesting and insightful market commentary, hints and tips, and potential trading opportunities, all for free.

In the “Market Outlook” webinars, David Jones will focus on the market scene post-EU referendum, once the dust has settled. This webinar will include identifying trends across a wide range of indices, and he’ll try and spot any future opportunities using a technical analysis approach.

The “Social Trading Webinar” webinar series delves into how the relatively new concept of Social Trading can help your investment portfolio. David will explain how Social Trading works, and what potential pitfalls investors should watch out for. We’ll also look at ayondo Top Traders, their techniques, and how you may use this information to your advantage.

To sign up for either of these two webinars, please click the link below to find out more and sign up to a webinar now.

We hope to see you there!

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