In the most recent interview with TipTV Finance, ayondo Sales Trader Robert Sijpesteijn discussed the traders’ response to article 50 and Trump’s inability to pass legislation, as well as the ayondo Social Trading Championship.

The run up of article 50 was quiet, with a let down in market volatility. Over the past week there has been an increase in volatility after Trump’s inability to pass legislation last Tuesday, leading to fearful traders and institutions taking profit during the highs in the previous week. This has caused a market turndown.

Intensivtrader has had a good performance in the last week but suffered on Tuesday after the drawdown. His annual performance last year was outstanding, where he had outlier months of 12%, 15% and 18% month performances. Expecting 2-3 % month performances is more reasonable for this year. He had a 96% win rate on 607 trades, but his maximum drawdown lies at 23.86%. He has a risk score of 2.

The risk score has been introduced at the end of 2016 and it indicates the risk associated with the trader. It takes trade size into account and includes information about the trader’s leverage and exposure to the market.

M1310Hanseassetmanag is an institutional trader and had a performance of 9.41% in March, but had a troubled month in February, losing 6.47%. He has recovered and is sitting at 2.68% year-to-date in 2017. His maximum drawdown lies at 8.87% only and he has a risk score of 2. His exposure to the market is well diversified.

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