Since the Verizon sale early this year Vodafone has been struggling. The share price reached a low of 180p in October a level that we haven’t saw since July 2010. Quarterly revenues have been sliding heavily for the past 6 quarters and today they announced a further 1.5% decline in service revenue last quarter but crucially this was better than expected.  Europe seems to be Vodafone’s biggest problem but areas such as India showed good positive growth.  What these figures show me this morning is that finally it looks like Vodafone are trying to compete rather than sit and wait for a takeover! Plans to introduce a UK residential broadband services with a TV offering are positive although this is a fiercely competitive market but with Vodafone’s infrastructure they can compete.  Interesting only 6% of their European customer base is using 4G, this shows a lot of scope for growth for bigger data allowances in the future. All in all the market has taken the figures positively as the share price is trading higher by 4.6% at 217p. If the CEO can deliver on what he has set out today and turnaround the current woes in Europe we could see the share price trading back towards the 300p mark in the next year.

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