Go Pro Market Update

Go Pro has issued a performance you certainly wouldn’t want to playback on any of its video recording devices: 2018 welcomed in an amazing down of 25% in the first moments of stock trading yesterday as guidance was slashed from the company and a new arm of the company, drones manufacturing, was completely shut down.  The video camera making company has had an extremely tough time, most likely due to low-cost generic competitors, but also due to the issue of mobile phone devices which almost all now offer high-quality camera recording hardware. This will likely be a key factor in the demise of Go Pro’s core business.

The stock first IPO’d in 2014 to an absolute fanfare of investor interest. Firstly priced at $30, but very quickly, in just 3 weeks, spiking to over $90 per share. At this stage, the business was valued at an eye-watering $11 billion.  Yesterday the stock moved to an all-time low of $5.04 and in its current form, I am struggling to see how the business can survive. For me, the only way forward for Go Pro would be a buy out from a larger tech company with deeper pockets that can progress the business.

Jordan Hiscott,
Chief Trader

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