Apple will unveil its latest iPhone product today- which has seen fever pitch expectations for Apple’s flag ship product.

Known at this stage as the iPhone 8 – although in some circles it has been rumoured to be called the iPhone X. Importantly for investors it is at a key stage in assessing the popularity of the phone, which we already alluded to is Apple’s flag ship product and will be key in driving and increasing its already gigantic cash pile and general overall profitability. Its expected this is the first iPhone to cost over $1,000 which will surely test Apple’s loyal customer base.

So what has changed in the 10 years that has seen the relatively short life span of the iPhone? Firstly, the innovative features that iPhone had when it first arrived on the market are no longer ground breaking and in some cases, some of the features rumoured to be on the iPhone/iPhone X are already in existence: Most notably it being water resistant or having facial recognition software. Will this dampen the enthusiasm for the product? Probably not!

In my opinion the high/premium end mobile phone device seems to reflect where Apple are positioning themselves currently and this would break with tradition in trying to compete with the mass market ideals of Android.

Jordan Hiscott,

Chief Trader


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