Nick Batsford, CEO of Core London is joined by Federico Bentley, Sales Trader at Ayondo.

In a recent episode of Core Finance, ayondo Sales Trader Federico Bentley joins Nick Batsford, CEO of Core London, to discuss trading and investing strategies with ayondo.

Bentley first reviews Top Trader Dowrex who trades with a fairly wide stop loss. The Top Trader has a fairly low risk score so the risk profile is quite interesting. A benefit on the ayondo platform is that transactions are seen in real-time. If you are mirroring these trades, you get notifications. The risk per trade is the same but the stake size may be different – normally, it’s all proportioned however and trades are very transparent.

Bentley also reviews capitalising by short selling – taking advantage of a bear market by selling stock/indices and not just from a bull market. He provides the selling example of the Facebook privacy scandal. You don’t just have to go long with these stocks, you can go short.

In addition, Bentley covers selling opportunities such as Tesla (50% tariff for Chinese buyers), investing with the ayondo post correction where you can receive 100% on UK dividends and 85% on US dividends, long term holdings, and zero balance protection for both Retail and Professional clients.

Watch the video to learn more about trading and investing with ayondo:


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