Core Finance Interview

In a recent episode of Core Finance, ayondo Sales Trader Robert Sijpesteijn joins Nick Batsford, CEO of Core London, to discuss volatility, diversification & asset allocation in uncertain times for global markets.

There are many concerns currently on the market. Market indices are down almost 9% across the board since the end of January with volatility sitting close to 20. There is the possibility of bearish markets, US-China trade wars, Syria concerns, etc. поддельные часы नकली घड़ियों hamis órák ψεύτικα ρολόγια

It is important to be aware of what’s happening and being prepared for downturns. Sijpesteijn discusses best practices for diversifying your portfolio on ayondo such as diversifying into safe havens.

To give a practical view of this, Sijpesteijn reviews Top Traders justgold and Prudent, looking at their transaction history and seeing where they are taking profits and losses. justgold provides a safe haven strategy while Prudent trades multiple assets.

Watch the video to learn more about diversification & asset allocation strategies with ayondo:

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